Tom Jones (PG)


Tony Richardson






128 mins


Albert Finney, Susannah York and George Devine

'Tom Jones' was one of the most critically acclaimed and popular comedies of its time, winning four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The film follows Tom Jones (Albert Finney), a country boy who becomes one of the wildest playboys in 18th century England, developing a ravenous taste for women, food, and rowdy adventures. An adaptation of Henry Fielding’s classic novel ‘The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling’ (1749) and directed by Shipley-born Tony Richardson, the opening sequence is performed in the style of a silent movie, and characters often look directly into the camera to address the audience.

Following the screening CHERYL GRANT, Senior Lecturer Film Production, Northern Film School (Leeds) & BBC Radio Leeds Film Reviewer will discuss the films of Tony Richardson and the 1960s British film industry.

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