Tune For The Blood - A feature length film following the lives of a new generation of young farmers

Fri, 25 Jan 2013

The average age of a UK farmer is 58 years. Traditional family farms are increasingly under threat.  Tune for the Blood follows the lives of a new generation from family farms in rural Herefordshire over a year as they face challenges of farming and keeping their communities alive in the modern world.

They order bull semen online, they negotiate volatile markets, and they deal with financial and personal fallout from bovine TB. Through it all, their strong respect for tradition and a deep connection to the land shines through. The film celebrates that connection, underscoring it with a original music by internationally acclaimed bassist, Danny Thompson. 

These flesh and authentic young rural voices, with their passion and humour, breathe life into some of the pressing issues of the countryside at a time when food security is high on the agenda and the place of the family farm in modern agriculture is being debated.

Tune For The Blood is taking bookings for screenings now. If you are interested in screening it at your venue and would like to find out more, email: acottringer@btinternet.com or go to: http://www.tunefortheblood.co.uk/  

'...a lyrical, evocative and affectionate paean to the countryside and its people...The images captured by Richard Branczik are often stunning, although the picturesque nature of the mists, downpours and snows is never allowed to distract from the problems they pose to the daily routine.'    

David Parkinson, Empire Magazine Online                                              

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